Childcare / Infant care

Infant care: 2 – 17 mnth Childcare : 18 mnth to 6 yrs

Preschool / Kindergarten

Age : 18 mnth to 6 yrs

Afterschool care/Student care

Age : 7 yrs to 11 yrs


Age: 7 yrs to 16 yrs

Enrichment Program

Age: 10 mnth to 8 yrs

Early Intervention

Age: 4 yrs to 12 yrs

Early Year Programmes

Early Years Programme provides a platform to empower your child to build a strong foundation. It promotes learning excellence and holistic development and ensures a smooth transition to a more skills-driven learning phase of the preschool years.

After School Programmes

Little Moppets Student Care and Tuition Programmes was founded with the aim to aid and nurture every child’s growth holistically and at the same time leaving them with a quality family time in the evening. Our Personalised and Guided Programme is a perfect balance of work and play and also equips every individual with the relevant skills in critical thinking while being imbued with the right attitude and qualities that will help them stand out.


Our Approach

We strive for continuous improvement, inculcate the habit of learning, and nurture every individual to be courageous and confidently learn and be inspired, influenced and empowered to challenge the future. We have a strong belief and sense of commitment to make a difference in our Little Moppets


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The 7 Pillars of Little Moppets

Inclusive and International Education

Little Moppets provides a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic friendly learning environment.

We welcome and embrace people around the world and illustrate the inclusive behaviours we would like our students to mirror.

Little Moppets Stands above the rest…

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    A wide spread of Nutritious and Palatable Menu.
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    Safe, Conducive and Interactive Learning Environment.
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    Qualified, Experienced and Versatile Educators
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    Comprehensive and Innovative Curriculum
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    Low Student-Teacher Ratio
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    Comprehensive and Parent Friendly Communication Platform

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