Bedok is the largest planning area in Singapore as it is home to an estimate of 300,000 residents. The demographics of Bedok is vast as there are a mixture public housing and private housing. It is a matured yet growing area. There is an influx of young parents with young children moving into this area.​

As it’s a matured estate, Bedok has proven to be a self-sustaining town and is able to provide a diverse range of services for all its residents. As the young couple population in Bedok increases, the need and demand of preschool and after school care services has also flourishes. ​

It is essential that the little ones’ needs are looked after. Thus by creating an environment which mirrors the security of home while creating a conducive atmosphere for learning and growth. The demand is rather high for the such preschool and after school services but there are a shortage of options. Thus most of them are full house and have a waiting list.​

Little Moppets @ Bedok Reservoir understands the demands and the needs of the parents. We have studied the demographics and understand that the shortage of preschools have put the little ones at disadvantage on their learning and development. Thus the introduction of Little Moppets @ Bedok Reservoir will remove this disadvantage and allow the little ones to bridge the gap. ​

Little Moppets @ Bedok Reservoir have researched on the demands of after school assistance programs for the Primary School. These programs provide full and wholistic support for every Student so that they will excel in their learning and grades.​

Little Moppets started off their first preschool in Tampines with the motto of spreading professional and expert care and service to meet all the preschooling, kindergarten, enrichment and after school assistance needs of children in Tampines. They introduced many programmes suited to meet the learning & developmental needs of a child. They became the most popular and most liked choice in no time. Thus, we have set foot outside of our stronghold and have looked towards our neighbouring east neighbours. We believe that we can provide an enriching educational experience to the little ones in Bedok.​

We at Little Moppets believe that kids should embark on their journey of learning right from the tender age of 18 months. They need to be exposed to the world of opportunities and skills which they can imbibe with the help of the trained professionals. The accurately timed activities in our playgroup activities in Bedok and the early enrichment classes for the toddlers provide them the strong foundation to build upon in their later life. Little Moppets has been quite popular and sought after by the parents in Tampines because of its focus on building social, communication & motor skills in the children. The use of dramatic play centres, after school assistance programs for older kids, enrichment programs for the learners makes Little Moppets a trusted choice in Bedok for the children who are ready to learn & embark on the journey of success.​

Our Services

Preschool Program (two sessions)

Playgroup(18mths – 30mths)
Nursery One(3yrs)
Nursery Two(4yrs)
Kindergarten One(5yrs)
Kindergarten Two(6yrs)

Enrichment Programmes

Little Moppets is a One-Stop Learning Hub providing numerous enrichment for your precious little one

Emergency Care

Student Care

Student-Assisted Programme​

Little Moppets Experience

Little Moppets empower every child’s learning through our fun, creative and uniquely inspired programme.

Our curriculum encourages children to learn by exploring and doing. It engages children in hands-on learning activities and forms a foundation for our Little Moppets to Learn, Play and Grow holistically.