Little Moppets is just NOT a preschool or an enrichment centre, it’s a centre of continuity in learning and emphasises in inclusive education as well. We are also highly recommended for Early Intervention by Government Hospitals. We started of with our flagship school at Tampines and we are expanding our services across Singapore.
Little Moppets operates as an efficient and successfully running Edu hub in Singapore.

Quality, Consistency and Efficiency are the three key factors which determine the success of Little Moppets.


We will assist you in launching your school by providing :

  • Premium Enrichment- Infused Curriculum
  • Tested and Proven Methodologies and Pedagogies
  • An Eduhub which provides the following services :
  • Preschool
  • Childcare
  • Infant-care
  • Studentcare / After Schoolcare
  • Enrichment Programmes
  • Tuition Programmes
  • Early Intervention
  • A Unique Franchise SYSTEM providing various educational services
  • Opportunity to leverage on 10 over years of expertise and knowledge of the Recession-Proof Business Model
  • Operational Support throughout the Franchise
  • Centre Management Support
  • Student Management Support
  • Staff Management Support
  • Curriculum Management Support


The Little Moppets Management does not just consider this as a business but we work as a family. We are a group of passionate personnels who would like to provide this valuable platform and support to many who will like to embark on this promising venture.

Our personnels form a strong and experienced management team who are very experienced and versatile in this field of Singapore Education System.

All of our Educarers in Little Moppets play a crucial role in creating an enriching, engaging and conducive learning environment.

Our Educarers are well certified and trained. The management team manages, provides support and assist every of our franchisees’ centres on any matters pertaining to student well-being, parents’ concerns or any other operational improvements on a regular basis. We diligently adhere to the Early Childhood Development Agency of Singapore (the “ECDA”) guidelines and we are PROUD to say that we cater to a lower teacher-student ratio compared to the recommended ratio. We strongly believe that each and every child have a unique way of learning during their developmental phase. We embrace and enhance their learning styles using various methodologies. This added value of Little Moppets is highly appreciated and raved by our parents.

Little Moppets Experience

Little Moppets empower every child’s learning through our fun, creative and uniquely inspired programme.

Our curriculum encourages children to learn by exploring and doing. It engages children in hands-on learning activities and forms a foundation for our Little Moppets to Learn, Play and Grow holistically.