How Preschool Plays an Important Role in Child Development?

Preschools are a stepping stone for a kid from where they understand and build an idea of schooling. A preschool has a big role to play in a child’s growth and development. A preschool builds self-esteem and confidence in a child which paves the path for a holistic development.

1. Socialisation and Emotional Development

A Preschool is the first school where a child stays away from his/her parents for a specific number of hours in a day and it becomes a second home for them. As things become familiar to them, the child starts to socialize with his/her peers and teachers. It is the first place where your child develops a friendship with other pre-schoolers. Once your child attends preschool, you will notice him/her becoming more emotionally confident as he/she starts to share feelings of fear, anger, and happiness.

2. Motor Skills Development

A Preschool encourages motor skills development which is crucial for a child’s physical development. A well developed set of motor skills allows a child to execute simple daily activities effectively such as picking up small items, using fork and spoon, holding a pencil etc etc. When a child is able to perform such tasks, it creates a great sense of achievement in the child. Confidence builds and the child tries to do more to further develop his/her motor skills.

3. Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development is one of the most crucial aspect that a preschool needs to address. At this age, a child’s mind is like a sponge. It’s ability to absorb and retain knowledge is uncanny. This moment needs to be seized and specific brain exercises needs to be employed so that brain is continuously developing at a progressive rate.

Positive and progressive cognitive development is crucial for every child’s future learning prowess. ensures that these developments are focused upon which lays the foundation of your little ones. Our Preschools at Bedok, Tampines, Ang Mo Kio and Holland Close follow a curriculum which employs methodologies and pedagogies which ensures a positive progressive development in your child.

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