Early Intervention

First Step Towards Your Child’s Holistic Development…

Providing Individualised And INTENSIVE EARLY CHILDHOOD Special Education Programmes FOR CHILDREN

The Early Intervention Initiative was built on a strong belief that quality programmes can make a tremendous positive impact! It is essential to create opportunities or platforms in which every individual with specific needs is encouraged to reach their potential instead of being rather influenced by what they cannot do.

Little Moppets is a place of high-quality early years special education which comprises of a well-supported, focused, and at the same time, a creative, fun and meaningful learning experience.

Every Individual develops at his or her own pace. Nevertheless, it is essential to be aware of red flags for potential developmental delays in children.

Developmental delays could be significantly evident in one or more areas of emotional, mental, or physical growth. If an individual experiences a delay, early intervention is the best way to help him or her make progress or even to catch up.

Early Intervention is just not for special needs, its very essential for specific needs as well.

There are many different types of developmental delays. They include challenges with:

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    Cognitive Skills Development
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    Language or Speech Development
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    Social and Emotional Skills Development
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    Motor Skills Development
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    Vision or Perceptual Skills Development

Delays in each and every individual could differ. Some would display one to two of the mentioned delays. Whereas some could have delays in all the developmental areas mentioned. When that happens, it is called “global” developmental delay. Thus we are reinforcing the fact that NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL!

Among all, language and speech delays are the most common type of developmental delay. Speech refers to verbal expression, including the way words are formed. Language is a broader system of expressing and receiving information, such as being able to understand gestures.

Little Moppets deliver INDIVIDUALISED APPROACH. We cater to specific needs and coin an approach just for that one case! We are very specific in our customisation and delivery of our therapies for any of the delays identified in an individual.

How will delayed treatment widen the gap
between the child and his/her peers?

With early intervention, an individual will receive therapy specifically catering to his or her learning needs and aim to improve the developmental outcomes. Through this intervention, an individual has a better chance of entering mainstream schools and also become a confident and skilled individual for the corporate world.

Procrastination in providing intervention would definitely be at a disadvantage for the progression of an individual. The individual would have been deprived of receiving an essential intervention which could have resulted in a positive impact and put him/her on an inevitable progressive path in his/her life.

We, at Little Moppets practice result based ethos, an integration of gruelling research with clinical expertise which helps us inculcate values in every individual and preference to achieve improved therapeutic results.

Little Moppets team closely work with the individual’s family as we strongly believe family support enhances and improve the learning process.

Little Moppets Early Intervention programme (EIP) aims from 18months to adulthood. We mainly focus on 4 skill set areas:

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    Physical Fitness
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    Life Skills
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    Social/ Emotional Skills
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    Cognitive Development

Little Moppets Early Intervention Programme (EIP) curriculum approach is based on a by step procedure -The Assessment, Identification and Individual Program System.

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    Identify the Specific concerns areas of the child.
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    Identify child strength and skills which can be improved further
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    Monitor the child growth for every 10 weeks. Assess, Analyse and Improvise the intervention plans
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    All approaches and Intervention plans are customised and individualised based on the respective child’s developmental needs.

Our Early Intervention programme curriculum focuses on

Speech TherapyBuilding Self-Esteem and Confidence
Social and Interpersonal SkillsOrganizational Skills
Study StrategiesSelf-Management
Anger ManagementBehavioural Management
Discovery of SelfSpecial Needs
Physical Training and GymnasticZumba (For all ages)
PhysiotherapyFocus Training
Story Telling (Parents Accompanied)Mummy & Me (Infant & Toddler)
Yoga (All age group)Brain Gym
Mixed Martial Arts (Kids to teenager)Any other Specific Needs