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Little Moppets

Little Moppets curriculum integrates Differentiated

Learning with Holistic Approach!​​

Why Differentiate?

“…just because there is a predictable pattern to growth, and a predictable season for blooming, doesn”™t mean that every flower on the plant will bloom on the same day.  Each flower opens at its own rate within the growing season.  For a flower, the season for blooming may be a matter of weeks or months.  In child development, some seasons may even last a few years.” – Amanda Morgan

Differentiated Learning – The Most Effective Learning Method

Differentiation means improvising the lesson and its goals are based on the specific needs of the learner.

Children will learn through :

  • varied learning areas
  • a variety of opportunities to explore their developing skills playfully
  • teaching materials which will have more than one way to be used

Most importantly you will see a teacher playing with her students.

Children are simply not ready for the same things at the same time. Thus, Differentiated Learning allows you to provide a rich experience for all of your students.

Differentiation in the classroom — engaging different learning profiles

Differentiation in the classroom is important to give children the best chance at learning regardless of their abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
It is designed to understand individual differences and create activities to promote growth across developmental domains for EVERY child.

Student engagement is the key to fostering motivation and confidence in the classroom. This can be achieved by Differentiated Learning as well.
Differentiated Learning engages different learning profile by understanding their ability, readiness and interest.

  • Giving assurance to the invisible child
  • Cooperative learning for the right place, wrong time learner
  • Improving interest of the underachiever
  • Creative engagement with the learner with a potential specialism
  • The unmotivated learner benefits from external resources
  • The perfectly primed learner needs stimulation
  • Build a rapport with the learner in need

Little Moppets curriculum integrates Differentiated Learning with Holistic Approach!

Education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development of every person’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials.
Holistic Education is based on its attention to experiential learning and the significance that it places on relationships and primary human values within the learning environment. It seeks to engage students in the teaching/learning process and encourages personal and collective responsibility.

Holistic Education focuses on both academic and non-academic areas. It provides the students with the full opportunity to develop the skills and values that they will need for life. Besides judging our students’ performance through assessment, we are also looking at other and broader measures of how well they do in education.

Since holistic education seeks to educate the whole person, there are some key factors that are essential to this type of education. The children are required to learn about:

  • themselves
  • social literacy and emotional literacy
  • resilience

Lastly, the curriculum is also derived from the teacher listening to each child and helping the child to bring out what lies within oneself

Our curriculum is planned and delivered
in a way that it :

  • provides opportunities to learn social skills
  • develops learning dispositions
  • builds self-confidence
  • creates a sense of wonder
  • arouses children’s curiosity

We have an enrichment-infused
curriculum which includes:

  • Phonics
  • Lights! Camera! Action!
  • CraFTy ME!
  • Story-Telling,
  • Music & Movement
  • Move Me Whole
  • Kids YOGA
  • Buddy Readers Programme
  • Little Sous Chef!
  • MMA-kids program.

We also have outdoor activities and engaging gross motor activities.

Field trips are planned on every fortnightly to bring themes to reality to help children learn within a meaningful context.
They discover new knowledge from observations, inquiry, exploration and first-hand experiences.

Our methodologies and pedagogies are coined to develop key knowledge, skills and dispositions in the following learning areas:

  • Numeracy
  • Language & Literacy
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Learning Centre Activities
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Discovery of the World
  • Interactive Learning Corners


Little Moppets has a unique way of monitoring the progress of our little ones.

Portfolio Assessment documents a child’s learning and developmental progress.

Every child’s learning and developmental progress is tracked and monitored on a regular basis so as to plan relevant learning activities which would further enhance the developmental progress of every child.

The learning and developmental progress of a child will be communicated to parents through portfolios. The portfolio comprises of sample work of children, snapshots of children at work, anecdotal records and checklists with brief write-ups on the child’s progress.

Little Moppets Experience

Little Moppets empower every child’s learning through our fun, creative and uniquely inspired programme.

Our curriculum encourages children to learn by exploring and doing. It engages children in hands-on learning activities and forms a foundation for our Little Moppets to Learn, Play and Grow holistically.