What Should You Be Looking Out For When Choosing The Best Preschool In Singapore For Your Child?

Preschools are the keystones of a child’s life. Selecting a preschool is a crucial decision for your child’s life. It is important to select a preschool wisely and one should do thorough research before registering your child in the preschool. These qualities you should look for a preschool for your child.

1. Reputation

You should enquire with your friends and community about the reputation of the school and also to the families whose children are studying there. Some useful questions which you might want to ask.

How do the teachers interact with the children?

Are your children excited going to school?

Communication between the Preschool and the parents?

Do the parents see any improvement in their children?

2. School

You should visit the preschool personally to have a first hand look of the infrastructure of the school and its environment. It is soon-to-be the second home for your child and you need to feel comfortable in the environment as you know what is best for your child. Bring your child to the preschool when you are enquiring about the details. Observe your child exploring the environment, if your child is inquisitive and moving around the school without any assistance then it’s a good sign that your child is extremely comfortable.

3. Principal and Teachers

The role of the principal and the teachers are essential in a child’s development. You should meet the teachers and management during the Parent Teacher Meetings or any other preschool social meetings. Feel and try to get a sense of their behavior towards the children to understand how caring and kind they are to your children. The parameter of a very good preschool is cordial, enthusiastic, passionate, creative, experienced and qualified teachers. They should have a great understanding of children psychology and should have dynamic communication skills.

4. Multi-Approach Based Learning

The preschool should be able to offer a  Multi-Approach Based Learning. Many schools provide only a certain type of learning which doesn’t fulfil a child’s learning capacity. The children can learn more through many activities, methodologies and pedagogies. Active learning uses discovery, research and play which is a great way of engaging young learners. The children can learn academic skills, motor skills, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive skills through Multi-Approach Based Learning.

Using these guidelines, sought out not the Best Preschool in Singapore but the Best Preschool for your child which you feel would give him/her the joy of learning.

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