Why Little Moppets

The World Of Little Moppets...!

Little Moppets is a Learning Hub which provides ALL and EVERY EDUCATIONAL NEEDS of every little precious one.

Our diversity serves from the ages as young as 3 months to 16 years old. Our Diverse Educational Continuity rests the minds of our Little Moppets’ parents that their educational needs are well taken care of.

Play | Learn | Experiment


Childcare / Preschool / Kindergarten

Student Care / After school care



Early Intervention


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    To Capacitate Every Little Moppet To Be An Avid and Bold Individual.
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    To Create An Environment Which Will Be Flawless And Essential to the Holistic Evolution Of Our Little Moppets’ Growth.
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    To Build A Meaningful And Everlasting Bond with our Stakeholders.


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    Every Little Moppet Is A Super Star! Little Moppets Strives To Grow
    And Nurture Each And Every Child Into An Insightful And Capable
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    Little Moppets Is An Haven Where Every Little Moppet Is Motivated
    To Reached Their Voluminous Potential Through Quality, Ingenious
    And Enhanced Schooling.